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UK Water Leak
Detection Company

Trust us to help find your Water Leak.


Leak Detection Service
Water Leak Detection Service
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Local Leak Detection


How we find your leak

We have a UK network of experienced Trace and Access Technicians who are leak detection specialists. They utilise a range of detection equipment to help find leaks at your property.

If think you have a water leak but cannot find it, get in touch with us for help.

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Water Pipe Leak

Helping you to find plumbing leaks in your hot or cold water pipes. Even in underground water leaks too.

Central Heating Leak

Boiler pressure dropping? Getting Error Messages? We can find leaks in central heating pipes in your property.

Commercial Leak Detection

We offer commercial leak detection as well as domestic leak detection at homes or businesses across the UK.

Internal & External Leaks

We check to see if you have leaks in the mains water feed on your property. And see if the Water Company is responsible.

Trace and Access

Your insurance company could cover the cost of this, we can help. Including providing an insurance grade report.

Water Leak Detectors

We professional leak detection equipment to maximise the chances of locating water leaks you have.


Leak Detectors

We use various advanced, non destructive detection equipment to find leaks including thermal imaging, acoustic leak detection, pipe detectors, tracer gas, borescope cameras, damp meters & more.

Thermal Imaging Leak Detection
Using thermal imaging to find hidden leaks.



There are many common questions about leak detection to help you understand the process better – from whether you are covered on insurance, the signs you might have a leak and what benefits leak detection surveys can bring – Water Leak Detection FAQs

Trace and Access Insurance
What is Trace & Access Cover?

Trace and Access Cover

Will my insurance cover the cost?

More about what Trace and Access cover is and if it may help to pay the cost for you.

Signs of a Water Leak
Signs you might have a Water Leak

Signs of a Water Leak

What might be a clue to this?

An overview of the main things that might indicate that you have a leak occurring at your property.

Leak Detection Benefits
What are the benefits of leak detection?

Water Leak Repair

Why is it important to find & fix it?

What are the main benefits of having a leak detection survey done at your property?


Help with a Water Leak

We understand that it’s frustrating to have a water leak at all, let alone one you cannot find. But we are here to help, so get in touch today.


Our 5-Stage, 5-Star Service

The 5 stages of our service

Details on each of the stages of our work and why you should choose us to carry out a leak detection survey / trace and access work at you property.

Whether you have a domestic property or commercial property, we know how to find leaks. When you are choosing a leak detection company, get in touch with a reputable and cost effective company like us.

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Rainbow International – Water Damage Experts


Leak Detection Services

We have lots of useful information for here regarding water leaks and water damage. We help to make sure we are a cost effective service, professionally delivered and causing minimal disruption to you. All this whilst we help find leaks in your water supply (even hidden leaks), leaks in central heating pipes and make sure your leak is traced whilst limiting damage to your property. We can also help with reports that, if needed, you can send to your insurance company or landlord if you are in rented accommodation.

We have some useful water leak web stories, which give great tips too.

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