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7 Cool Slow Motion Water Videos

Slow Motion Water Videos - Fun

Something a bit different to bring for you today, and fun too! A few slow motion water videos of everyday plumbing items around your home. It is genuinely fascinating to see these items in slow motion videos and see how something you take for granted in slow motion.

All of these were filmed using the slow motion feature on a Google Android mobile phone and for something that is not a specialist slow motion camera, the results are great!

Slow Motion Water Tap - Spoon Video
Slow Motion Water Tap – Spoon

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Let’s now take a look at your first slow motion water video…

Slow Motion Water (1) – Spoon & Water

The first slow motion water video is a quirky one, running a spoon under a running tap:

It is interesting to see how the water hits the spoon, then splays out in a smooth curve until the water tension breaks and it goes into individual water droplets. Next time you are washing your morning coffee teaspoon under the tap, see if it does the same.

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Onto our second video…

Slow Motion Water (2) – Running Tap

This video is of starting a running tap, to see how the water comes out:

Nothing particularly dramatic about that but it is interesting to see how the water flow patterns change from the tap starting on to building up to a regular flow.

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Slow Motion Water (3) – Tap Into Sink

This video is of starting a tap running into a kitchen sink:

It is interesting to see how the water pressure forces the bubbles outwards before the form properly as circle in the stainless steel kitchen sink base.

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Slow Motion Water (4) – Tap Into Full Sink

This video is of starting a tap running into a kitchen sink with water already in it:

Perhaps unsurprisingly, unlike the previous slow motion water video, the bubbles form immediately and circle around the flow anticlockwise, perhaps due to the spray pattern.

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Slow Motion Water (5) – Aerator Tap

This video is of starting an aerator tap running into a plastic sink bowl:

Definitely a bit more frothy than the previous video and with some bigger bubbles.

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Slow Motion Water (6) – Water Droplets

This slow motion water video is of water droplets falling into a sink of water:

It is interesting to see how dramatic a simple water drop is in slow motion!

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Slow Motion Water (7) – Pulling the Plug!

Perhaps appropriately for our final video, a slow motion video of a plug being pulled out of a bath with water in the bottom:

It is fascinating to see the water being pulled up before the plug suction kicks into force and draws the water down the plug hole pretty quickly soon afterwards. It looks more dramatic in slow motion than in real life.

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These slow motion water videos have all been collated into this one YouTube video, from our Water Leak YouTube Channel:

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Why is my water running slowly?

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If your water is running slowly in your home, there can be a number of reasons. Firstly, it may be a drop in pressure in your area, possibly from an issue or a peak in usage. To see if the slow water is just affecting you or to see if it is a wider problem, speak to your neighbours if possible or speak to your water company. If all that is OK, it is possible you might have a water leak, check for signs in your home and if you do suspect you have a water leak, get help to avoid damage to your home or business.

What does slow motion actually do?

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Slow motion filming is the process of recording something and slowing down the speed it plays back at so that you can see things simpler and more effectively, which is especially beneficial for things that are fast moving. It allows the human eye to see things it may not otherwise, or in more detail. Slow-motion cameras often take more frames per second (FPS) when filming so that it can then be corrected back to a more conventional FPS afterwards.