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Leak Detection Specialist

Leaking Pipe - Copper

Do you really need a leak detection specialist or can you find a water leak on your own? Or can your plumber help you find a water leak? Here is our guide to leak detection.

What is a Leak Detection Specialist?

A leak detection specialist is someone who is specifically trained and experienced in finding water leaks in your property. They will follow a step by step process for finding a leak and use specialist equipment to maximise the chances of finding a water leak. It is a specialist skill which can prove invaluable as finding a water leak ASAP helps to reduce the chances of water damage to your property.

Can I find a Water Leak on my Own?

There are times when water leaks are very obvious so, sometimes, yes you can find it on your own and can fix it yourself or get your local plumber to fix it for you. However, in our experience, many water leaks are in hidden places not immediately obvious to the DIY leak detector. An experienced leak detection specialist has a much higher chance of finding a water leak than the average person.

Plus they will likely be using specialist, high-value equipment to find water leaks. That kind of equipment is not generally economical to buy for someone finding a single water leak.

A Leak Detection Specialist Near Me

So you have decided you need a leak detection specialist but how do you find one near where you live? Well we can sort that for you as through our network of Rainbow International in the UK, we have access to branches all across the UK. Wherever you live in the UK, there is an excellent chance that you have a branch near you.

Plus you know you will be using a brand which has an excellent reputation and are leak detection experts in both finding water leaks and evaluating the water damage to your property caused by leaks.

Leak Detection Specialist Equipment
Leak Detection Specialist Equipment

What is Leak Detection Specialist Equipment?

See here for our guide to the equipment used in finding water leaks, but here are the main water leak detection equipment a leak detection specialist will use:

All these combined are used for different types of leak detection in the UK.

Leak Detection Equipment Tools
Tools. Water Meters and Calculators – Water Leaks

Can Plumbers Find Water Leaks?

A bit like we said earlier, it depends on the plumber and the type of leak. It is fair to say that a plumber is likely to have a better chance of finding a water leak than an average person. However, not normally as good as a plumbing leak detection specialist. In fact, we regularly get work from people who have contacted their plumber but either they could not find the leak or they suggested to use a leak detection specialist like us.

A good plumber near you will likely be great at fixing leaks and plumbing etc but they will unlikely be trained in leak detection or have access to the specialist leak detectors that we have in our kit. We look at this in more detail in our article about local plumbers and water leaks.

Why Use our Leak Detection Specialists?

A few more reasons you should use us to find your water leak:

  • We are trusted by many of the biggest and best insurance companies in the UK to deliver services to a very high standard – and produce insurance quality leak detection reports.
  • All of our staff are, trained, vetted and friendly. That goes for the people answering the phone all the way through to carrying out the investigations at your property.
  • We carry out leak detection specialist work in a vast array of domestic homes and commercial properties – including finding leaks in hotels, restaurants, offices, factories etc.
  • We offer a free consultation service contact us in whichever way you prefer and we will talk to you about your property, understanding your suspicions of a leak and guide you through the process of what our leak detection engineers can do for you.
  • We have a very high success rate of finding water leaks in homes and businesses.
  • After we have found your leak, we can help you to understand the water damage to your property, make recommendations and, if needed, help you dry your property. Logo by Rainbow International by Rainbow International

What makes a leak detectable?

Professional water leak detection tools mostly work on the same principle – looking for the signs of a water leak in your property. These tell-tale signs can indicate the presence of a water leak and also finding the location of it. This can include visible, acoustic, thermal and other signs.

Is there a tool to detect a water leak?

There are many types of leak detection tools, all of which have different purposes and specialism in looking for water leaks. There is not one single tool that can consistently find all types of leak which is why our leak detection specialists are equipped with many professional leak detection devices, including professional moisture meters.