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Underground Water Leak Detection – Best Methods

underground water leak detection

Where are leaks found underground?

A significant amount work that we carry out is on underground water leak detection. Firstly because they are a fairly common water leak cause. Secondly, it is common in properties to have water pipes underground from things such as:

  • Mains water to your property – see our guide on responsibility for water leaks
  • Central heating and plumbing pipe leaks within the house
  • Underfloor heating leaks, which is more common on modern houses
  • Underground waste or sewage pipe leaks leaving your property

The final reason we get a lot of requests for underground water leak detection is that it is something that requires a leak detection specialist such as ourselves. Underground water leaks are much harder to find than something more visible like a leaking tap and require leak detection. For that reason, it represents a larger percentage of the demand for our services.

We have trained leak detection engineers across the UK. As well as their training, they have have access to specialist systems and leak detection equipment to help maximise the chances of finding your leak. To help with underground water leak detection, here are some of the systems we use:

We have written another guide on finding a leak under floorboards which may be a useful read for you too. There are similarities with underground water leak detection.

Leak Detection Expert
Leak Detection Expert

How do you do underground water leak detection to find a leak underground?

So what is involved in carrying underground water leak detection?

Well, as we said above, there are various elements and bespoke systems and processes that we follow. Other than the equipment that we just mentioned, it also includes:

  • Gauging the scale of the leak (there are several ways we do this)
  • Looking for evidence both directly and indirectly
  • This can be similar to our article on the signs of a water leak
  • We will use our equipment to find other signs too
  • Collecting other useful information about the property to accompany that
  • Collating this evidence together to focus in on likely causes
  • Focusing in on these, in detail, to help pinpoint a leak
  • All the above relates to the ‘trace’ part of trace and access
  • Clearly the next part is the ‘access’…
Underground Water Leak
Underground Water Leak

Once we have done the above and are confident about a possible location of a leak, or in some instances to aid the above (e.g. a small hole to put a borescope inspection camera in) we then move to the access stage of a leak. Depending on what surface the leak is under, this will determine how we access the leak.

Once the underground water leak detection is completed and the leak is found. We will then determine what needs fixing. Sometimes this is a small repair, other times it can be large, especially if there are multiple leaks which can happen. After that, we will make recommendations for what water damage restoration and repairs, including drying is required. We also offer this service. logo logo