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Mr Muscle Drain Gel – Demo and Quick Test

Mr Muscle Drain Cleaner

In this quick guide, we’ll be showing a quick and interesting demonstration of Mr Muscle Drain Gel on a bathroom sink that is partially blocked, causing it to drain slowly or not at all. This is a fairly common problem that people might have and often different options are available to resolve it – more on that later!

We mentioned in our article about bathroom leak causes that one of the (several) places you can get a water leak in your bathroom is from the sink. We also mentioned how that can then, assuming your bathroom is upstairs, possibly lead to ceiling water damage below. Which is one of the indicators that people might first see that they have a problem that needs resolving.

Mr Muscle Drain Gel
Mr Muscle Drain Gel – Sink Unblocker

Here is our quick video showing how we tested Mr Muscle on a part blocked sink, showing before and after results. It’s not necessarily the most scientific test, but closely following the instructions, is a good demonstration of a problem people might have and, how Mr Muscle Drain Gel worked.

Mr Muscle Drain Gel – Tested on Blocked Sink

As you can see from our quick test, Mr Muscle Drain Gel was effective at clearing the blockage in this sink and, afterwards there was a noticeable improvement in how fast water drained down the plug compared to previously.

Here is a close-up of the packaging for Mr Muscle Drain Gel, focusing on the ingredients and the safety notices – contents include Sodium Hypochlorite (often used in bleach), Caustic Soda, Amines and other chemicals as you can see:

Mr Muscle Drain Gel - Label
Mr Muscle Drain Gel – Label

As you would possibly expect for something that needs to clear drains, there are warnings and safety notices to follow to, but that said, the actual instructions on the box for Mr Muscle Drain Gel are fairly simple once those other safety measures are followed.

Here is how to use Mr Muscle Drain Gel, showing a photo from the box itself:

Mr Muscle Drain Gel How to Use
Mr Muscle Drain Gel – How to Use

Please rememberMr Muscle has a range of products and, on top of that, instructions may be updated from time to time so always carefully follow what is on your product you are using. Plus, similar products from different manufacturers may have different instructions. For example, as you can see, this says wait 5mins, but others may be shorter or longer.

Possible Causes of Blocked Sink Drains

Depending on the type of sink we are talking about, there are a number of things that can contribute to a blockage. Taking all types of sink into consideration, here are a few possible common culprits as to the cause:

  • Broken or blocked pipework – slowing the flow
  • Related to that, poor installation or wear and tear
  • Build up of debris – food and fat (kitchen) hair (in bathroom) etc.
  • Build up of soap scum or residue from beauty or toiletry products
  • An item falling down the sink accidentally (e.g. jewellery)

There are a number of other possible causes and, when this happens, people may turn to a popular product such as Mr Muscle Drain Gel, or a similar product to help clear the blockage.

Sink Unblocker Tools
Sink Unblocker Tools – Plungers and ‘Snakes’

Methods to Clear Blocked Sinks – Others

If people don’t want to use chemicals on their sinks, there are other methods that people sometimes use, each of which (like Mr Muscle Drain Cleaner) has potential advantages and disadvantages.

These can include:

  • Plungers to clear blocked sinks
  • Drain snake to clear sink blockage
  • Hair snake to remove hair from sink
  • There are many other methods too

The advantages of these methods is that they can be cost-effective, reused and not require chemicals. However, they can possibly cause other issues (for example if they break) and you might have to be careful about how much force is used, which can cause strain on the plumbing.

In some instances, this might cause bigger issues if you damage the pipes (remember they may be already damaged – causing the blockage), especially if you don’t realise and it results in a hidden water leak that causes water damage when you use the sink, or other things in proximity.

Which method is best for you will depend on your own preferences and abilities. In some cases, people turn to a local plumber but, for a lot of people, that won’t be necessary.

Water Leak in Drains
Water Leak in Drains – Detection Methods

Water Leak in Drains

We’ve been discussing Mr Muscle Drain Gel and other solutions to blocked drains, but in the previous section, we mentioned that (in some cases) blocked or damaged sinks and drains can result in water leaks in a your home.

This could include, for example:

Thankfully, as experts in water leak detection, we have a wide variety of professional advanced water leak detectors to help find various leaks in homes and businesses – this includes things such as thermal imaging leak detection cameras and additionally, acoustic leak detection devices.

You can find out more about these on our page about leak detection services.

Thermal Imaging Leak Detections
Thermal Imaging Leak Detection in Usage

Mr Muscle Drain Gel – Conclusion

As we said earlier, Mr Muscle Drain Gel is just one of many methods to consider when looking at how to unblock a sink in your home. Which method you use is up to you to decide, but whichever one you do use, please do take care and follow instructions.

As we have said previously, if you are not confident or able to do this yourself, consider getting help. That all said, we were happy with the results of using Mr Muscle Drain Gel, it worked for us!

Like many other things, even if you decide to go down the route of using a sink unblocking chemical solution, Mr Muscle Drain Cleaner is one of many available on the market.

Water Leak Detection Service
Water Leak Detection Service

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Blocked Sinks FAQs:

What is the best product to unblock a sink drain?

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There are many possible methods to unblock a sink drain, and which one you choose could depend on how badly blocked it is (is it total or just draining slowly?), your confidence using different methods or even if you do or don’t want to use chemicals such as Mr Muscle Drain Gel or other similar chemical products. Each has their pros and cons.

What causes a sink to get blocked?

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A sink can get blocked for a number of different reasons and it can happen suddenly, for example if something breaks or gets stuck in the sink, but often it happens over time, getting more blocked and therefore draining more slowly. This can come from a number of things, including food, solidified fat, soap scum or even other debris (such as hair clogs).

If you need help finding a water leak at your home get in touch with us. We offer these services to both domestic and businesses with commercial leak detection.

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