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Shower Drain Leaking – Useful Tips

Shower Drain Leaking

Having a shower drain leaking is a fairly common type of water leak in homes in the UK, in fact it featured in our article about what do do when you have a shower leaking through the ceiling as it is one of the main causes of that. But this article will focus just on shower drain leaks specifically.

You might expect that with a shower drain leaking it might be a simple thing to locate and repair, however, that is not always the case. Shower drain leaks by their nature are often in confined, hidden locations often under tiled floors or under shower trays.

Plus also, something that might look like a shower drain leaking might be something else! See more about this on our guide to bathroom leak causes.

Shower Drain Leak Signs
Shower Drain Leak Signs

Signs of a Shower Drain Leaking

There’s a very good chance that you’ve arrived at this guide because you suspect you might have a shower drain leaking in your house. We are now going to run through a selection of the possible signs you may have spotted (and it may be more than one!) that could indicate a shower drain leak.

It’s not uncommon to see more than one of the things on this list manifest themselves in your home, and with many things, the more of them you see, the more potential evidence of a shower drain leak.

If you spot any of these then our leak detection service could be beneficial to you. We deal with shower drain leaks regularly, and the shower leak water damage too. With this, early leak detecting can be very beneficial.

Shower Drain Leak Ceiling
Shower Drain Leak Ceiling

Shower Drain Leaking 1 – Celling Damage

In the UK bathrooms and showers are commonly found upstairs on the 1st floor of properties. This in turn means that the shower drain leaking will happen between the floor above and the ceiling below. So one of the more common ways people discover or suspect they have a shower drain leak is from noticing damage (such as cracks or staining / discolouration) to the ceiling below.

In some instances, people see visible dripping water on ceilings after taking a shower.

Such damage can be small or large and can occur slowly over time with a small or slow shower drain leak or, on occasion, can happen suddenly if something breaks rapidly. To find out more about this, see our guide to ceiling water damage.

Shower Drain Leak Floor
Shower Drain Leak on Floor

Shower Drain Leaking 2 – Floor Damage

Very much following on from, and related to the previous thing to be observant for, floor related damage is something to be on the watch for. This could include visible standing water puddled on a floor nearby or below a shower, or something more subtle like a soft or ‘spongy’ floor. It could also include cracks in tiles or grouting in the area or movement in other wooden materials, like skirting.

If you spot any of these things, then it can be another sign of your shower drain leaking.

Shower Drain Leaking Mould
Shower Drain Leaking Mould

Shower Drain Leaking 3 – Mould

Again, very much in conjunction with previous examples, something that can be seen with a situation whereby you have a shower drain leaking when you shower is mould damage, including black mould.

For mould to grow, it need a source of moisture, just like plants need water to grow. It also needs organic materials to grow on (akin to soil for plants) which can be from wood, plasterboard or even from the debris in the shower water itself which might include hair, skin and other products used for showering. You can see more about this in our guide explaining mould or mold.

Shower Drain Leak Smell
Shower Drain Leak Smell

Shower Drain Leaking 4 – Bad Smell

Anyone who has had a blocked drain, including a blocked shower drain will know that this can lead to a bad smell. On this, see our additional article testing Mr Muscle Drain Gel.

The dirt, hair and dead skin cells that go down the shower drain along with soap, shower gel, conditioner etc can provide a fertile environment for bacteria and germs to thrive. That leaking into nearby areas can cause further smells.

So accordingly, an unusual or new bad smell in the area around or below a shower tray can possibly be from a leaking shower drain, so watch out for that too.

Shower Drain Leak Water Damage
Shower Drain Leak – Other Water Damage

Shower Drain Leaking 5 – Other Water Damage

This final group encompasses a few things that could indicate a shower drain leak in your bathroom or ensuite shower room. Clearly, water damage will vary according to the layout, structure and materials used in the construction of your home. This can include flooring, walls, ceilings, fixtures, fittings and your own unique contents that the water comes into contact with.

We are experts in water leak detection and have an extensive range of quality, professional advanced water leak detectors to help locate water leaks in homes and businesses – including things such as thermal imaging leak detection cameras and additionally, acoustic leak detection devices.

You can find out more about these on our page about leak detection services.

Ceiling Water Damage Collapse
Ceiling Water Damage Collapses

Shower Drain Leaks – Conclusion

We hope you found our guide to shower drain leaks useful. As you have seen, and in common with other types of water leak, they vary according to a number of factors but equally, there can be some common signs that you might have one in your house.

As we said earlier, these can be caused by other types of leak nearby, especially from your shower or other plumbing leaks in the vicinity. Plus, even when you know you have a shower drain leaking, it can be tricky to locate exactly where it is, which is where experts like us come in.

Equally, as water damage restoration experts, we can assess and assist with that too!

Water Leak Detection Service
Water Leak Detection Service

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Shower Drain Leaks – FAQs:

How do I stop my shower drain from leaking?

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Before working out what the best repair is for your shower drain leak, the first thing to do is to be sure it is actually a leaky drain and not something else nearby. Once that has been proven conclusively, then the best repair will vary according to exactly where the leak is. For example, if it is a seal that might need replacing, or a fixing might need replacing or tightening.

Can you replace a shower drain without removing the shower?

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Whether or not you can replace a shower drain without removing the actual shower or shower tray will depend on the construction of both your shower and floors and ceilings around it. For example, if you have had an upstairs shower leak below into a ceiling, that may make the area beneath the shower (including the drain) accessible for replacement.

If you need help finding a water leak at your home get in touch with us. We offer these services to both domestic and businesses with commercial leak detection.

As experts in water damage restoration and central heating leaks, we have you covered. logo logo