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Water Leak Repair – 6 Big Key Benefits

Water Leak Repair & Leak Detection Benefits

Water leak repair and leak detection services are both valuable professional services delivered by trained and experienced leak detection engineers locally but what are the key benefits?

In this article we set out as to the top 6 benefits of this service and why it is best to use a professional specialist service to find your water leak and repair it.

1) Better Chances of Finding a Leak

The most important thing when searching for a leak is actually finding it! A professional, trained and experienced leak detection engineer, for many reasons, will have a better chance than a regular person. In fact, many people who contact us have looked to see if they can find the leak in their property, not found it and then contacted us.

They will also have expert knowledge about water leak repairs, and that is not just the actual leak but the areas affected by the leak which is equally important.

Water Leak Repair Finding
Water Leak Repair Finding the Leak

The other thing that helps leak detection specialists is…

2) Professional Leak Detection Equipment

On top of their training, knowledge and experience, our leak detection engineers have access to professional leak detection tools and equipment. This kit, put together, is far more effective than your ‘DIY’ tools that you can buy cheaply online. Comparing those tools is like comparing a formula one car to a go-kart!

As we have said elsewhere, we look for and collect evidence to see where leaks are coming from and this equipment collects more, better quality evidence. On top of this, most of it is non-destructive leak detection equipment, including professional moisture meters. Both these things are important when deciding when to access a leak. Wherever possible we look for multiple pieces of evidence (aka manifestations) before exposing the area where a leak is expected


3) It could be paid for by your Home Insurance

As this article on trace and access insurance explains, your home insurance company could pay for the cost of this work if your policy includes trace and access cover which is designed for this exact purpose. On top of this, it’s likely your home insurance will cover you for damage caused by an ‘escape of water’ (aka leak) in your home. We are very experienced in working with insurance companies and provide professional, insurance grade reports to help with these claims.

We have an article about our bespoke trace and access leak detection process which we have improved and refined over the years we have been doing this. Many of the UKs biggest insurance companies trust Rainbow Restoration to carry out water leak repair work an their customers properties.

Water Leak Repair - Copper Pipe
Water Leak Repair – Copper Pipes

4) Preventing Damage to Your Property

Water leaks can cause significant damage to your property and the longer they go, the more damage they are likely to do. In fact one of the reasons people require water leak detection and water leak repair services is because the first sign of a water leak that alerted them to is a leak is the damage to their property.

The sooner the you find and stop a water leak, the better chance you have of minimising the damage caused by a water leak. Also, the longer it is left, the more likely a small water leak is to turn into a big one. We always say that you should never ignore a water leak.

5) Water Leak Repair can Save you Money

Related to the previous two points, catching a leak early can prevent costly damage, even if it is covered on your insurance policy. In some instances, if caught early enough, and with minimal damage caused, you many not need to or want to make a claim for water leak repair on your home insurance policy.

Clearly, if you are on a water meter connection, as our Water Leak Cost Calculator estimates, a water leak can add a large amount to your water bill. An increased water bill is another sign that you might have a water leak, and a reason people contact us.

6) Safety in Your Home

There are two main things to watch out for related to safety risks from a water leak. Firstly, direct damage to your property that could cause, for example, a ceiling, floor or wall to be compromised (and fall down in some instances from ceiling water damage). Water damage can affect the structure and fabric of your property. There’s also increased risk from electric shocks (water and electricity are not a good combinations), slips trips and falls and possibly fires.

The other area is secondary / indirect damage caused by water leaks. For example from black mould growth causing air quality problems, potentially impacting your respiratory system. Also, water leaks can be a caused of bacterial / microbial growth in your property too, including mould growth, especially if waste water is concerned and even more so with sewerage linked water.

Water Leak Repair
Water Leak Repair Services

On the subject of water leak repairs, we have a great article where we give our opinions on central heating leak sealant, explaining the pros and cons in detail.

Bonus Reason – Helping the Environment

The final thing to mention in that the production and distribution or water uses up energy, water that is lost via a water leak costs energy and money to produce so a water leak repair can save energy and help the environment. On top of this, water is a precious resource that none of us like to waste.

As this article from the BBC shows, an estimated 3 billion litres of water is lost to leaks every day. Clearly, a significant proportion of this is external water leaks but anything we can do to help reduce lost water through water leak repairs is a good thing.

Water Leak Repairs – in concrete slabs

What are common causes of Water Leaks?

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Water leaks come in various varieties whether it be hot water, cold water, waste water or central heating water. We set explain a common water leaks which includes these and more. Because modern properties often have a wide network of pipes, plumbing and central heating systems (which are often hidden) there can be many locations that water leaks can be found.

How do you fix Water Damage?

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We have a whole section of our site dedicated to Water Damage Restoration. As well as helping you to find your water leak, we can help get your property back to normal afterward. Many leak detection people don’t offer this service, we do! Water damage restoration is a specialist skill and extensive knowledge and training that our teams are given ensures this is done professionally.

Water Leak Detection Service
Water Leak Detection Service
Rainbow Restoration
Rainbow Restoration – Water Leak Detection