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Bathroom Extractor Fan Calculator

(For Your Bathroom)

Bathroom Extractor Fan Calculators – Purpose

In our guide to bathroom extractor fans, we explained how they have different capacity ratings (often measured in cubic meters per hour – m³/hr) with different sizes suitable for different rooms, especially based on bathroom size. This is where our bathroom extractor fan calculator comes into it’s own to act as a rough guide to help you understand your potential needs.

This bathroom extractor fan calculator works on the rule of thumb average that you’d be looking for around 10 air exchanges per hour, meaning that a bathroom that is 10m³ would generally need a fan capable of extracting 100m³ per hour. And therefore a room of 20m³ would need 200.

There are other factors that can affect what size of fan you need, such as if you have a PIV Unit in your property. This is just a guide to see if you are in the right ballpark. Do get advice from your professional installer / supplier after using our bathroom extractor fan calculator.

This is the estimated volume of extractor fan capacity you should consider based on our simple bathroom extractor fan calculator. It is a simple guide only to help calculate bathroom fan size that might be suitable for you when choosing the right bathroom fan. To understand why extractor fans are beneficial see our guide to Bathroom Condensation and simiarly, dealing with Black Mould Problem In Bathrooms

Bathroom Extractor Fan Calculators
Bathroom Extractor Fan Calculators

Using the bathroom extractor fan calculator above, it can help start you understand what size and specification and best bathroom extractor fan you might need. For example, this fan on the plumbworld site, shows a Xpelair fan which, at the time of writing shows a capacity of “227/259 m3/h”, which is quite a powerful bathroom extractor fan size.

As we said earlier, your installer (which could be an electrician) or supplier / retailer will likely be able to give you advice based on your own needs and property specifics.

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There are many other things that come into considering what bathroom fan extractor to get, with different varieties which can often be found in combination with each other. Examples include:

  • Silent Bathroom Extractor Fans – very quiet bathroom fans which some people prefer
  • Quiet Bathroom extractor fans – similar to the previous one albeit not silent!
  • Ceiling Bathroom Extractor Fans – self-explanatory, mounted on a ceiling
  • Wall Mounted Bathroom Extractor Fans – which there can be
  • Bathroom Extractor Fan with Light – which can be handy in some situations
  • PIR Bathroom Extractor Fans – which trigger with movement in the room
  • Designer Bathroom Fan Extractor – which may look more stylish

As you can see, there are many different varieties to consider as well as capacity! Even on the designer elements, something that is often popular is a black bathroom extractor fan.

You may also find our water use calculator interesting to measure how much water you use.

We also have other calculators:

We are experts in Water Leak Detection and can help with: logo logo

Bathroom Extractor Fan Calculator and Leak Detection

Something to remember is that, although you may have come her to understand how to lower the steam or condensation in your bathroom, do remember that (in some instances) what looks like a patch of condensation could be a water leak.

So be vigilant, and you think that might be the case for you, we offer:

What is the right bathroom extractor fan size?

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Our bathroom extractor fan calculator on this page will quickly help give you a guide for the capacity of fan you might need for your specific bathroom. Simply enter your room dimensions and we will give you an indication for you, will help with your choices when shopping for a bathroom extractor fan in the UK.

Where is the best place to put an extractor fan in a bathroom?

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This is an interesting question which doesn’t necessarily have a simple answer! Where it is best for you to put an extractor fan in your bathroom will depend on a number of factors including the design and layout of both your bathroom and property in general. Your installer will be able to assist you with this, they will understand the specifics of your install and discuss some the options with you.