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Water Leak Cost Calculator

How much does a water leak cost?

How much might a water leak cost? We have put together this estimation tool to help give a guide (and it is just a guide!) to how much water a leak might be using and also, importantly, how much it could cost you if you are on metered water. It is also a useful leak rate calculator…

Check with your local water company to see how much they charge. For example, here is the page for Yorkshire Water and how much they charge.

Underground Water Leak
Underground Water Leak

The Water Leak Cost can be very relevant in some situations, for example swimming pool leak detection – a water meter is often involved in those situation because of water company rules.

If you want to understand how much water something like a swimming pool will need, have a look at our water volume calculator. Also, we have a useful article explaining water flow meters vs water pressure meters.

As you can see from the calculator, a water leak cost soon adds up!

Let’s use an example:

  • Someone with ‘Medium’ / Average Water Pressure of 12 litres per minute.
  • With a ‘Medium Spray’ Leak letting out 10% of that 12 litres per minute
  • Which is clearly 1.2 litres per minute
  • That’s not much right? Until you see that….
  • It is 72 litres an hour, 1,728 litres a day, 52,704 litres a month
  • That is a staggering 630,720 litres per year!
  • To put that into perspective…
  • An average bathtub in the UK holds around 100 litres (up to the overflow)
  • So that leak would fill the bathtub in around 83.3 minutes
  • So it would ‘fill’ that bathtub just over 17 times a day
  • Or 527 times a month, 63,072 times a year
  • Clearly that amount of water could do serious damage to your property.
  • That’s why you should get a water leak checked ASAP – contact us today!
  • We have other useful tools to help understand water leaks too
  • This is including our free water meter reading tool

On this subject check out our article which looks at how much water items around the house hold or use. The results might surprise you!

Water Leak Cost Calculator
Calculate the Cost of a Water Leak

Water Cost Per Litre

How much you pay per litre (or meter cubed / m³ as they often show it) – of water will depend. These are often called volumetric charges by the water companies. Firstly, this will assume you are on a water meter at your property and that we are talking domestic. Different companies across the UK charge different amounts (including for standing charge which is separate, as is sewage charges generally or other charges) but, at the time of writing in this in late 2021, here are a few examples (do check for the latest and your own situation / location etc):

Something that is worth looking at is to see what your water company’s policy is on water leaks, we spotted that Severn Trend for example have a ‘leakage allowance’ comment on their website. On that page, they mention that they will review claims to see if they can cover the cost of any water lost due to leaks. Definitely something to look out for.

Water Leak logo clear capitals
Water Leak logo

Note – we have added a link to each of these so you can check the latest figures as they are published with each of the water companies and so you can see how your water leak cost may vary per company. Charges vary over time too so they will change likely. We will check this from time to time too and update assumptions in our water leak cost calculator intermittently.

If you want to see another interesting video, see our Slow Motion Water collection.