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Water Volume Calculator

How do you Calculate the Volume of Water?

Our water volume calculator below is useful for situations when you want to calculate the volume of water various situations such as:

  • Calculating the volume of water in a swimming pool
  • Calculating the volume of water in a pond
  • Calculating the volume of water in a tank
  • Calculating the volume of water in an aquarium

Remember that, if you are on metered water at your property, filling something up like a swimming pool can be expensive. If you have a swimming pool leak, we can help with that too as we offer a swimming pool leak detection service.

It is also useful to understand, when you have a water leak from something, how much water has gone and, how much it will cost to refill it – so you can use the numbers from our water volume calculator alongside our water leak calculator to help understand this. On that page further down, it also tells you how much different water companies charge per metre cubed (m³) – remember that one m³ is the same as 1,000 litres of water. On that subject…

On this topic, please see our water usage calculator which is really useful too.

What does a Litre of Water Weigh?

Under the metric system a litre of water is exactly one kilogram (1 kg) and 1,000 litres of water is one metric tonne. So to help understand how much the water weighs, we have included that in the calculator too. For a bit of fun, we have also included weight in stones which is sometimes more relatable for us. So for example, 1m³ of water is 1,000kg which is 157.473 stone.

It might not look like that but a 1m³ tank is like 10 full grown men of 15.7 stone each!

You can use our water volume calculator as an aquarium weight calculator too. As you can see from our examples, what might look like a small aquarium can way a lot and need very solid support to hold the weight.

Water Leak
Water Leak

How do you calculate volume of water in Litres?

Using our simple water volume calculator below, all you need to do is enter the length (in metres and / or centimetres), width and depth to calculate the volume of water in a pool. We will then show you what that is in metres cubed (m³) and in litres. We’ll show the weight too.

If you have a swimming pool with different depths, use the average in the calculator. So for example, if you have a pool 10m long x 4m wide with half of it 3m and the other half 2m, use the number of 2.5m for the average depth.

The calculator works on volumes of water that are rectangular / cubic in nature, it is a different calculation for a cylindrical shaped pool or even something oval etc.

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Aquarium Water Volume
Aquarium Water Volume

Pond Water Volume Calculator

One of the popular uses of our water volume calculator is to work out the amount of water taken to fill a pond. Let’s look at an example:

  • You have a garden pond 2m long
  • It is 1.5m long and 1m deep
  • Putting that into our water volume calculator above…
  • That equates to 3m³ or 3,000 litres
  • The weight of that water is 3 tonnes or 472 stone!

How long to fill a Pond?

Well using the numbers above as an example, a pond of 3,000 litres:

  • Use our water pressure calculator for your home
  • Or if you have one use a water flow meter
  • Lets assume your pressure is 12.5 litres per minute (average)
  • 3,000 divided by 12.5 is 240 minutes
  • That is therefore 4 hours to fill that pond!

Swimming Pool Leak Detection
Swimming Pool Leak Detection

How long to fill Swimming Pool?

Let’s run through an example using our water volume calculator:

  • You have a pool which is 8m long, 3m wide and 2m deep
  • Put the numbers into the water volume calculator and you get…
  • 48m³ or 48,000 litres in total
  • Again at 12.5 litres per minute that is 3,840 minutes
  • So that is 64 hours or just over 2.5 days!
  • If you are on a meter at £1.40 per m³…
  • The cost of that to fill would be £67.20

On the subject of volumes of water, we have an interesting article looking at the top water storage places in your home that have the potential to leak water if damaged.

High water volume usage?

For more of our videos, check the Water Leak YouTube Channel

How do you calculate a tank volume?

Aquarium Water Volume

Assuming the tank you are trying to calculate the volume of is cubic or rectangular (i.e. not round or oval etc) then the simplest way to calculate volume of that tank is to measure the length, depth and width of the tank and enter the numbers into our water volume calculator. Don’t forget that is the capacity of the tank, not the water in it. For example, a tank that holds 100 litres that is 70% full will have 70 litres in it!