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Leak Detection Services

Leak Detection Services Locally – UK based

Rainbow Restoration (formerly known as Rainbow International) offer a comprehensive list of leak detection services, delivered by our experienced, friendly and professional leak detection engineers locally.

They can find water leaks in your property, even in hard to find or hidden places. They can help you with this difficult process from start to finish, understanding your needs.

So if you think you have a water leak, get in touch with us today and we will be glad to help you…

Some of our Leak Detection Services

Looking for ‘Leak Detection Near Me’?

Look no further, we offer the following advanced leak detection services in the UK…

Moisture Meter – Wooden Floor

Leak Detection

Helping people to find their water leaks using a variety of advanced equipment to maximise the chances of finding your leak.

Commercial Leak Detection Services
Commercial Leak Detection Services

Commercial Leak

Also Commercial Leak Detection Services across a number of businesses who trust us to deliver a professional service.

Damp Meter on Wall
Checking for Damp

Damp Surveys

Utilising moisture mapping surveys to see not only where water is coming from but where it has gone and the damage caused.

Acoustic Listening - Water Leak
Acoustic Listening – Water Leak

Acoustic Leak Detection

Using Acoustic Listening Devices in Leak Detection Services to help track the source of a leak, even in places that are hidden.

Thermal Imaging Camera
Thermal Imaging Camera – Leak

Thermal Imaging Detection

Thermal imaging to track hot or cold water leaks in property, looking for the tell-tale signs you cannot see with the naked eye.

Tracer Gas Sniffer Device
Tracer Gas Sniffer

Tracer Gas Leak Detection

Tracer Gas can help find even very small leaks through the use of safe, inert gas which we track through gas sniffer devices.

Boiler Pressure Dropping
Boiler Pressure Dropping

Heating Leaks

Leaks from Central Heating systems are common and we are experts in finding them. So if your system is leaking, get in touch.

Water Leak Calculator Cost
Water Leak Calculator

Leak Calculator

Our Water Leak Calculator helps estimate the volume of water lost from your water leak and the potential cost of metered water.

Trace & Access Insurance
Trace and Access Work

Trace and Access

Many people can have their leak detection work paid for by their insurer through Trace and Access cover on their home insurance.

Boiler Pressure Issues
Boiler Pressure Issues

Boiler Errors and Dropping Pressure

One of the common triggers for spotting a water leak is through a combi boiler giving a pressure loss fault such as an F1 boiler error.

Water Pipe Leak Detection
Water Pipe Leaks

Water Pipe Leaks – Copper & Plastic

We can track hot and cold water pipes as well as central heating pipes around your property to help find the places water may leak.

Reporting a Water Leak
Reporting a Water Leak

Reporting a Water Leak

Who is responsible for a water leak is one of our most commonly asked questions, we can help with that but this gives an introduction.

We mentioned about boiler pressure dropping above, on that – see our article about PRVs (Pressure Relief Valves). Similarly, you might find our related guide to E119 boiler errors helpful and useful too. Equally, our informative and quick and simple guide to what the role of a loss adjuster is.

We also have a really great guide with hints and tips regarding a leak between meter and house and some Water Leak Detector Tips

Water Leak Detection Services

Rainbow Restoration are the UKs largest damage management company, with a reputation for delivering customer service excellence and reliability locally. We are experts in Fire, Flood and Water Damage – including Water Leaks.

Many of the top insurance companies work with us because they trust us to deliver across a range of services. As well as our water leak detection services, we offer a number of other damage management services helping people in their time of need.

So if you need any of the services above or our other services (including specialist cleaning, biohazard cleaning, external cleaning, jet washing, damp & mould surveys, smoke damage, asbestos testing or asbestos removal – and more) get in touch today.

No matter if you have a water supply pipe leak, a heating leak or even a hidden leak, with our leak detection specialists, we can help. On many occasions not only can we help find leaks we can also fix the leak for you too using different types of leak detection even swimming pool leaks.

We will be happy to help you through what can be a difficult time, but our experienced and friendly staff will help.

Water Leak Detection Service
Water Leak Detection Service

How do you find a hidden water leak?

Underground Water Leak

Professional leak detection services use specialist water leak detection equipment that can find water leaks, even in hidden places that cannot be seen with the human eye. There are various tools that can do this, each has a different use. For example – thermal imaging cameras, acoustic listening devices, pipe trackers and tracer gas can all help find hidden leaks, including those in walls, floors, ceilings or even underground. These tools work together and are very effective, especially in the hands of an experienced and trained leak detection expert engineer.

Are leak detection companies worth it?

Underground Water Leak

Water leak detection services provided by professionals can be very helpful in finding water leaks, especially in hard to find locations. Not finding a leak can result in water damage to your property, which can be considerable over time and there are also cost implications from the water lost or used by the leak. Clearly, this is especially the case if you are on a water meter at your home or business. Local water leak detection services will help to explain the process involved in finding your leak.