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Commercial Leak Detection

Commercial Leak Detection Services
Commercial Leak Detection Services

Commercial Leak Detection Services

As experts in Commercial Leak Detection and Disaster Restoration locally, Rainbow Restoration are experienced in finding leaks in various types of business and building types. The friendly team can help understand your individual business, your needs and work around that to suit you best. We offer a free telephone consultation to discuss your needs and requirements. We can then work with you on how to best support your needs.

Commercial Leak Detection Service
Commercial Leak Detection Service for Businesses

We are very aware that a commercial water leak can be especially disruptive for a business, affecting you, your staff and your customers so we make sure the leak detection engineers understand that and keep disruption to a minimum whilst finding your leak efficiently and professionally. Wherever possible we use non-destructive advanced water leak detection techniques to locate your leak.

They can also help understand the damage a leak has caused and make recommendations on how to deal with the water damage repairs. We offer a suite of property drying services. Rainbow Restoration (formerly known as Rainbow International, up to 2023) are members of the British Damage Management Association (BDMA), as well as various other professional organisations. Above all, we pride themselves on a world class customer service from start to finish. So if you have a commercial leak detection need – get in touch

Water Leak Detection Service
Water Leak Detection Service

Commercial Leak Detection Sectors:

  • Property Services – including for landlords, letting agents, estate agents and property management companies
  • Hospitality – including hotels, B&Bs, holiday lets, restaurants and health & leisure facilities
  • Medical – including hospitals, nursing homes, doctors surgeries and other medical facilities
  • Construction – building companies / building sites, property developers and property renovations services
  • Industrial – factories, production facilities, warehouses and retail / shops across a number of sectors
  • If you are a business in these, or any other sectors, get in touch with us today for commercial leak detection
  • We often provide these services to loss adjusters who trust us to deliver this service
  • We can also help find a water leak between floors in flats
Moisture Meter – Wooden Floor

Finding a Water Leak

Using professional leak detection tools to find your leak, using non-destructive moisture meters where possible.

Increased Business Water Usage – Bill

Leak Cost Calculator

Most businesses are metered so a leak can be expensive not only from the increased water bill but also business disruption.

Damp Meter on Wall
Checking for Damp

Commercial Damp

We can check for damp in your business premises. We know the impact this can have on you, your staff and your customers.

Classifications of Water Leaks

Depending on the source of the water leaks or water damage, they are classified into various categories. This helps to understand how to deal with the water and, importantly, understand the risks. A fresh / treated water leak is very different to a leak from sewer pipes – we understand this process very well and manage the risks and health & safety accordingly.

The different classifications of water are:

  • White Water – this is ‘clean’ treated water, usually from cold water feed pipes. It is at the safer end of the scale.
  • Grey Water – this is generally from basins, showers, baths, washing machines etc. This is clearly different to…
  • Black Water – this usually includes contaminated waste coming into contact with faeces / urine from toilet leaks etc. It is also water that has come into contact with external sources – for example, mud, dirt, rubbish etc.
  • Red Water – this is less common but it is water which includes or has come into contact with chemicals. Clearly this brings about a whole area of complexity and specialism depending on the chemical, the risks and if it is toxic etc.

Commercial Leak Detection
Commercial Leak Detection Services

Commercial Water Leaks

As you have seen commercial water leaks is a varied and complex area that requires a commercial leak detection specialist who is experienced to help you find your water leak in your business and help you recover from it as quickly and safely as possible. We understand that this can sometimes involve business interruptions insurance water leak claims.

You can trust us to help you with your commercial leak detection whether your business is small or large, we can help – so get in touch with our expert team today and we’ll help you through the process of doing water leak detection for commercial buildings.

Water Leak Detection Reports

After the completion of work at your property, we can provide you with an insurance grade commercial leak detection report for your records. Many businesses appreciate this additional service (which not all people provide) as it can help provide information and evidence for your insurance company – we are happy to help with this process too.

Fully Trained and Health & Safety Focused

Our leak detection experts are highly trained in helping to find water leaks in commercial properties. Our experience and expertise in Commercial Leak Detection helps to ensure a reliable, friendly and professional service catered to your needs. On every job we do, we carry our a 5 step risk assessment to help protect your staff, our staff and of course, importantly, your customers.

Technicians are trained in water damage restoration too so we can help you understand the impact of the water leak at your business. There are also a range of water damage services such as damp surveys, mould surveys (and removal of mould), asbestos testing & removal, industrial cleaning (including biohazards) and many other services. You can understand why many of the UK’s leading insurance companies work with us.

Who is responsible for a water leak on commercial property?

Water Leak in Wall

To understand who is responsible for a water leak on commercial property you first need to understand the number of stakeholders involved their role in looking after, managing and (importantly) insuring the property. A commercial property may have an owner (freeholder and leaseholder possibly), property management company, maintenance company (or contractors), tenants, staff working onsite, visitors and customers. There is also the water company providing water to the property and the various insurance companies for each of these people. The key thing to understand where the leak is (where leak detection companies like us come in) and what the cause of it is. That will inform who is ultimately responsible.

How do you find a water leak in a large commercial building?

Commercial Leak Detection Services

The exact process for locating a commercial water leak will depend on a number of factors, not least the size, construction and layout of the building. That said, the same tried and tested principles apply as for a ‘regular’ sized building (domestic or commercial). First of all you need an experienced leak detection expert with the right knowledge and training, supported by professional water leak detection equipment and bespoke process. All combined helps to greatly increase the chances of commercial leak detection success for businesses.