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Early Water Leak Detection – Important

Early Water Leak Detection

In delivering leak detection services timing can be critical so, in this guide, we will explain why early water leak detection can be important for a number of reasons. As we regularly say, leaving a water leak too long brings about potential risks. We’ll explain these step by step.

We covered this partly in our guide to water leak alarms, which can be an ‘early warning system’ but specifically we’ll explain what risks can arise from not acting early with water leaks.

Early Leak Detection Water Damage
Early Leak Detection – Water Damage to Property

1) Early Water Leak Detection – Preventing Water Damage

Water leaks are one of the leading factors when it comes to water damage in properties in the UK. In fact, water leaks (or an ‘Escape of Water’ / EOW as insurance companies call them) are one of the most common reasons people make a water leak insurance claim.

Early water leak detection can help minimise the damage from water leaks, especially if you manage to catch it very early. Even small water leaks can cause a lot of damage over time.

As you can see on our water leak calculator a ‘Slow Drip’ at medium water pressure (12 litres per minute) can release an estimated:

  • 0.6 litres per hour
  • 14 litres per day
  • 427 litres per month
  • 5,110 litres per year!

Using that second number of 14 litres per day, that is 24.6 pints of water per day. Imagine pouring that much water per day onto a plasterboard ceiling or wooden floor, you would expect direct water damage to be caused. We discuss this further in our handy guide to ceiling plaster water damage. Successful early water leak detection will help reduce this.

Early Leak Detection Secondary Damage
Early Leak Detection – Secondary Damage to Property

2) Early Leak Detection – Secondary Damage

As well as helping to prevent direct / primary water damage to your home or business, early water leak detection being carried out can help prevent secondary damage.

What is secondary damage? – it is damage that is caused that is not directly linked to coming into contact with the water leak. A good example that people will likely be familiar with is mould problem on walls. Water leaks can cause damp, which helps to provide a fertile environment for mould to flourish.

Early water leak detection can help to prevent mould, condensation, damp or other secondary damage to your home or business. Remember to act fast if you think you have a leak.

Early Leak Detection Water Usage
Early Leak Detection – Water Usage / High Bill

3) Early Leak Detection – Water Usage & High Water Bills

We discussed this in our guide to situations where you have a water leak between meter and property but early water leak detection can help prevent the increased cost you might get from an unexpected high water bill from your water company.

As we mentioned earlier, water leaks can lead to a high water meter reading and potentially cost you a lot of money. If you get an higher water bill than expected, one of the causes could be a water leak. Another potentially good reason to act fast and do early water leak detection.

As well as providing professional leak detection services in UK domestic homes, we also offer commercial leak detection to businesses too (many of whom will be on a water meter). So if you have a business water leak, of any sort, contact us to discuss this too.

Early Leak Detection Water Loss
Early Leak Detection – Water Loss Waste UK

4) Early Leak Detection – Prevent Wasted Water

Water is a precious resource and even though water shortages in the UK are rarer than in other parts of the world, there is an energy cost (and therefore an environmental impact) to produce drinking water to people, and then distributing it to homes and businesses across the country.

Early water leak detection can reduce the amount of water loss from water leaks. On this topic, see our useful calculator for water usage, which estimates how much water you might use in your home in a typical year, we think you will find it enlightening!

Early Leak Detection Safety
Early Leak Detection – Health & Safety

5) Early Leak Detection – Health and Safety

This very much follows on from some of the things listed earlier in our article but can be overlooked. Clearly there can be health and safety implications from a water leak. This can include things such as:

  • Risks from slips, trips and falls (from slippery / wet surfaces)
  • Risks of falling debris – e.g. with a shower ceiling leak
  • Linked to that, possible respiratory risks from any debris
  • Possible weakening of floors from structural damage
  • Electrical risks / electrocution – water and electric don’t mix!

There are more we could list but hopefully that gives you another benefit of early water leak detection. Health and safety is something that is at the forefront of our minds when carrying out early water leak detection and is something that different types of leaks have different factors to consider depending on their type, location and size.

Remember, not all water leaks are from fresh drinking water, it can involve sewage etc too!

Early Leak Detection Business Interruption
Early Leak Detection – Business Interruption

6) Early Leak Detection – Business Interruption

We covered this in our article about business interruption from water leaks, but equally it could apply to domestic homes too as nobody wants the hassle, inconvenience and disturbance a water leak can cause.

Water leaks come in all shapes and sizes but, in situations where they are bad and cause extensive damage, they can cause a disruption to your home or business. For businesses, this can mean closing for some time, which is why they often have business interruption insurance to protect them for this.

It is not just the process of doing trace and access to locate the leak, it is (as mentioned earlier) the water damage, drying the property and reinstatement, including redecoration.

No business wants the problem of having to close down, even if they have insurance cover, as it can be a great inconvenience to them and, importantly, their customers. Another great reason for early water leak detection being beneficial.

Remember, if you’ve got Trace and Access on your home or business insurance policy, the cost of finding and fixing the water leak could be paid for by your insurance company. It’s worth checking to see if you have it in the event of needing early water leak detection services.

There are other benefits of catching water leaks quickly with early water leak detection but we have covered many of the key ones above to help you understand this further. We hope you found it useful. If you have a water leak that needs locating, contact us for help.

Some of the many types of water leak that can benefit from early water leak detection:

If you need help with any of these contact us for professional, friendly, experienced and reliable help from our dedicated team of water leak detection experts. Feel free to check out our Water Leak Detection Tips too! logo logo

Early Water Leak Detection FAQs:

Here are some useful responses to some of the most popular questions people ask about early water leak detection services in the UK…

How long can a water leak go undetected?

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It is not uncommon for water leaks to go undetected for months, or even years without being spotted. This is especially the case with water leaks hidden in locations such as underground, where it is more concealed. This is best avoided with the help of early leak detection which can help prevent damage to your home from the water leakage.

Why is early leak detection important?

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Early water leak detection can help with a number of things, including – (1) preventing or reducing water damage to your home (2) helping reduce secondary damage from things like mould problems (3) reduce water usage and high water bill (4) reduce wasted water (5) help prevent possible accidents and (6) limit disruption to your home or business.

Can I have a water leak and not know?

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Absolutely, it is not always obvious that you have a water leak and need leak detection services. It is not uncommon for very small, hidden leaks to to unnoticed for months or even years. Be vigilant and, if you suspect you have a water leak and are lucky to notice it quickly, you can benefit from the advantages of early water leak detection.