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Acoustic Leak Detection – Useful

Acoustic Leak Detection Equipment

We’ve mentioned previously that we use a wide range of professional leak detection equipment to help maximise the chances of finding water leaks, including hidden water leaks that would otherwise not be visible with the naked eye. One of the water leak detectors (or methods) that we use Is acoustic leak detection.

Acoustic leak detection also helps to compliment some of our other methods of linked section including thermal imaging leak detection, moisture meter mapping, tracer gas leak detection, pipe detectors, water meter reading analysis and much more. all these things combined with the skill of our trained leak detection engineers greatly increase the chances of finding a water leak.

Acoustic Leak Detector - Hidden Leaks
Acoustic Leak Detector – Hidden Leaks in Floor

What is Acoustic Leak Detection?

Acoustic leak detection is a form of non-destructive leak detection, in other words a method to help locate leaks accurately without having to cause damage to the property. Wherever possible we use non destructive methods of leak detection including acoustic leak detection and only access the leak (where the access part of trace and access comes from) when we are confident but there are signs of a water leak.

Because of their extensive training and experience, our leak detection specialists have a trained ear that understands the sound a water leak can make, even understanding what type of leak it may be depending on the sounds it is making.

Water Leak AMP Mobile Logo
Water Leak Logo

Acoustic leak detection affectively listens out for the sounds of drips and sprays from a water leak. these can be distinctive sounds which when amplified by a acoustic water leak detection device can either be listened to by our leak detection engineers or displayed on an accompanying device which gives information about the leak.

This data and information can be very useful as not only can it help to find a water leak but it can tell you the difference in sound. for example a dripping sound, even underground, sounds very different to a spray and this he’s also evident when looked on a sound spectrum analyser.

The image below helps to show this:

Acoustic Leak Detection
Acoustic Leak Detection – Sound Spectrum

As you can see on the left hand side of the image, over a 10 second. There are 10 distinct sounds over water leak that the acoustic leak detection equipment has picked up. In this particular instance, it would suggest a leaking pipe that is dripping underground, under floorboards or under concrete floors.

Such sounds would not be able to be heard without the help off acoustic leak detection devices.

You can also see above how even a relatively small, dripping water leak can add up over time. You can see more information about this by looking at our water leak calculator. In this particular instance, the leak is estimated to be losing 29 litres per day which can cause a lot of water damage to a property.

Acoustic Leak Detection – Underground

as we mentioned above acoustic leak detection devices can be used to find water leaks underground in places that are not visible, such as for central heating leaks, perhaps in a situation where somebody’s boiler is losing pressure and water from the system but they cannot see where from, like when you get an F1 Boiler Error or F75 Boiler Error.

People sometimes ask us which piece of leak detection equipment we use first, is it thermal imaging the detection is it acoustically detection is it moisture metres or is it something else? Well the answer is it depends!

Acoustic Leak Detection - Underground
Acoustic Leak Detection – Underground Water Leak

Taking acoustic leak detection, with acoustic listening devices as a good example sometimes it may be a primary source of discovering water leaks which, like in the example we mentioned above for a central heating leak, then leads us onto further investigations using other methods – in this particular case thermal imaging being a good example.

That said on other occasions, it may be used as a secondary source. So going back to the example previously a thermal imaging camera may indicate an unexpected heat source, which might indicate a water leak. This might then lead to further investigation with acoustic leak detection devices as well as other non-destructive moisture meter devices.

Further Information on Acoustic Leak Detection

We have written a number of useful guides and articles on subjects related to water leaks, many of which can benefit from acoustic leak section.

Acoustic leak detection can help to find leaks in walls, leaks in floors, underground water leaks, basement water leaks, leaks in ceilings and many other forms of water leaks.

here are a few other articles giving more information on some of these subjects:

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If you have need help finding a water leak at your home with our trace and access service, get in touch with our friendly team today. We offer these services to both domestic and commercial customers, including commercial leak detection.

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