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Thermal Imaging Leak Detection

Find a Water Leak - Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging Surveys and Water Leaks

As we have covered in our section about the tools used to find water leaks, Thermal Imaging Leak Detection is one of the methods used to find water leaks. But how does it work and will it find all water leaks? Or will it only help in certain situations? Let’s look into that…

Water leaks come in many forms and finding them through thermal imaging leak detection is one of the methods used. However, although it is a very powerful and useful method to find leaks, you would struggle to find water leaks with thermal imaging alone. A professional leak detection specialist will use a range of tools, methods and processes to locate a leak.

Thermal Imaging Camera – Functions

Clearly, as the name suggests, thermal imaging cameras display images in a visual format but showing temperature (thermal) variances across the objects they are looking at. Even on a surface which to the naked eye look normal can show temperature variances such as below…

Thermal Imaging Leak Detection
Using thermal imaging to find hidden leaks.

In the image above, you can see the towel rail and the pipes leaving it going into the floor but where do the pipes go? Well, as you can see, thermal imaging leak detection tools will show that clearly.

This isn’t just useful for seeing where potential leaks are but also for tracing pipes across a property – in floors, walls, ceilings etc. This can work for both hot and cold pipes. To help this process, professional thermal imaging cameras are very sensitive to small changes in temperature.

Very importantly, although these thermal imaging leak detection cameras can be used by a novice to do basic tasks, to get the best from them and increase the chances of finding a leak a trained leak detection specialist will spot things that a regular person would not. They will know how to calibrate the camera for different situations in order to get the best results.

For example, as well as tracking pipes, the highly trained eye of a leak detection engineer will spot anomalies in the images they are seeing – this will lead to further investigations, including other tools.

Thermal Imaging Camera
Thermal Imaging Camera – Leak

Thermal Imaging Cameras – Cost

A professional thermal imaging camera used in thermal imaging leak detection cost many hundreds of pounds, often into the thousands (even tens of thousands sometimes). They are far more advanced than a budget thermal imaging camera. Manufacturers such as Flir and Fluke are two of the most commonly seen manufacturers in the UK. Both have a wide range of professional cameras.

Thermal Imaging Leak Detection Cost

A commonly asked question! Well the answer is that a reputable leak detection company will not normally charge you extra for this service, it’s almost always included in the package. So when you are choosing a supplier to find a leak at your house, make sure you choose a reputable company. Logo by Rainbow International by Rainbow International

Thermal Imaging Leak Detection – Benefits

As you might expect, thermal imaging leak detection is excellent for finding…

The other great benefit is that they are non-destructive, meaning that they can see under, behinds and below surfaces without needing to cause any damage – it’s almost like x-ray vision for leaks!

So, in conclusion, thermal imaging leak detection is extremely valuable in finding water leaks. However, they are just one of the many complimentary methods we use to find water leaks at your property, so if you need help with a water leak – get in touch today!

Did you know? – thermal imaging is often also known as ‘thermography’

Can thermal imaging detect leaks?

Yes it can, but as we have said above and on other occasions, thermal imaging leak detection is just one of the method of finding water leaks we have. We have a variety of leak detectors available, each with a specialism and purpose.

Can you see through a house with thermal imaging?

No, you cannot see through buildings, walls or solid objects with thermal imaging. However, thermal imaging can help to see things like hot and cold heat sources behind walls. This includes hot and cold water pipes, and water leaks.