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Water Leak in House – Quick Guide

Leak in House Guide

Where do Most Water Leaks Occur?

We did a detailed article on some of the top reasons for a water leak and we went into detail about them, including the places you might find a water leak in houses. Some are obvious, others are not where you might think to find a water leak.

In this quick guide, we’ll share some of the most common places water leaks are found and what causes them in the first place. We are sure you will find it useful.

What Causes Water Leak in House?

We’ve summarised this in this useful infographic…

Water Leak in House
Water Leak in House – Places

How do you find these leaks?

Our Leak Detection Specialists are very experienced in finding water leaks in houses and we have seen all of the water leaks show above. We are also very experienced in finding external water leaks and have a guide to let you know if you need to report a water leak or if you are responsible.

This visual guide on who is responsible for water leaks is very useful too…

Report a Water Leak
Who is Responsible for a Water Leak?

See our guide to detecting a leak between meter and home, which is very useful.

Water Leak Detection Service
Water Leak Detection Service

Is Leaking Water an Emergency?

It can be, depending on…

  1. What type of water leak it is
  2. The scale of the water leak
  3. Where the leak is located and…
  4. What areas are affected by the water leak

In order to evaluate each water leak and the risks to see if it is an emergency, we carry out detailed health and safety assessments in particular, looking at the 5 steps to risk assessment.

Which can be very important for ceiling water damage which may come from a loft tank leak.

Having a water leak in houses can be a complicated thing, so if you need help with a water leak, get in touch with our friendly team and we will guide you through the process to find your leak. We can also work with your insurance company, especially if you have trace and access cover, but also if you have water damage. Even if you do not have trace and access leak detection cover on your home insurance, there is a good chance that you will be covered for the water damage restoration.

Remember that is brought to you by Rainbow Restoration, a trusted local damage management company. We are trusted by many of the biggest insurance companies to help their customers find water leaks in houses locally. We provide this service to both domestic and commercial customers with the same exceptional service.

We have a friendly and reliable team who are extremely dedicated at delivering a first class service from start to finish. We offer a local water leak detection service. Contact us today for help.

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Rainbow Restoration

If you have a water leak in your home, knowing where your isolation valves are located as well as your internal and external stop tap can be very, very useful to prevent more water damage to the building structure and contents in your home. They are more common on modern homes.

Another article you will find useful is our guide to efflorescence problems on bricks.

What to do if you think you have a water leak in houses or business?

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The most important thing is to not ignore it, water leaks can cause a lot of damage to your home or business and, generally, the longer they are left the more damage they can cause. Catching a water leak in houses quickly and effectively can help to reduce the damage and other risks to you and your property. If your leak is difficult to find or you need help, contact a water leak detection company such as ourselves.

How do you find mains water leak in house?

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A mains water leak in houses can be tricky to find and usually requires specialist equipment and expertise that water leak detection companies like ourselves have. It is likely to involve underground water leaks which clearly are harder to find and access than a ‘standard’ plumbing water leak in houses. If you need help, contact a specialist such as ourselves.

Common source of water leak in houses?

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There can be many sources of water leak in houses but some of the most common include – plumbing leaks from hot or cold water feeds, central heating water leaks, shower leaks, bath leaks, underground leaks, leaks in floors, walls and ceilings. Each of these is different and requires various leak detection equipment to help maximise the chances of finding a water leak in houses.