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Different Types of Leak Detection – What are They?

Types of Leak Detection

How do you Detect a Water Leak?

As experts in the many different types of leak detection we know about both the signs of a potential water leak and also the best methods to find any water leaks you might have in your property, which can come from different sources of water in your property, including fresh water, waste water, a central heating water leak and more. In this article we are going to focus on the methods used to find water leaks in your home or business.

Plumbing Leak Detection
Plumbing Leak Detection Service

We mentioned above about about spotting that you have a water leak, so if you want to understand that first then read our article on the signs of a water leak in your property, which can help to indicate you might need one of the different types of leak detection.

It is important to say that, although we are going to go through some of the many methods we use to find water leaks, there are two important things. Firstly, these methods are nothing without the skills and knowledge of an experienced water leak detection specialist and, secondly, this is supported by the use of professional advanced leak detection equipment and tools, which we have available.

To help keep this fairly simple, we are breaking this down into three key types of leak detection (with some things grouped within each of those key areas), which are visual, inspection and testing.

So let’s look at different types of leak detection one by one…

Types of Leak Detection Used
Types of Leak Detection Used

But wait, first and foremost, out technicians start by carrying out a 5 step risk assessment, which is essential for a number of reasons but, really importantly looks for potential hazards that could affect the safety of anyone in the property. Safety measures are put in place to mitigate any risks.

We saw how important that is for something like a ceiling leak in a property, including when you have a shower leaking through a ceiling in your property.

They carry specific risks in particular associated with ceiling water damage restoration.

Types of Leak Detection - Visual Based
Types of Leak Detection – Visual Based

1 – Visual Based Water Leak Detection

This sounds so simple but there is more to it than you might think and, importantly, it is backed up by supporting methods that we are grouping under this section. So what does that mean?

Well, before rushing into getting out leak detection equipment, our trained technicians will do a visual survey of the property, not just to start looking for the signs of a water leak but also to understand:

  • The property construction and age
  • The condition of the property, and any modifications
  • The layout of the property, including fixtures and fittings
  • The potential sources of water in the property and;
  • The type of plumbing and heating in the property

Our leak detection specialists look at both the inside and outside of properties and collate this information together as the foundation of our leak detection reports that we write. This might sound strange to say but they are looking for things that the naked eye cannot see too.

For example – to understand where cavities might exist in certain walls, floors and ceilings and start to look at if pipework flows in, near or through them.

Also, we are looking for other things that might actually look like it could be a water leak but isnt! Two good examples are when people have damp causes in their home (of which there can be many)

All this then helps to inform through to the next stage…

Types of Leak Detection - Inspection Based
Types of Leak Detection – Inspection Based

2 – Water Leak Detection Inspections

As we hinted earlier, this section groups together several types of leak detection together but they all have things in common, they are all based on more detailed inspections.

This is where we start to narrow down potential sources of leaks and use the information and knowledge gained in the previous section to inform and guide this. This is also when we start to utilise some of our professional, specialist leak detection tools and equipment.

This includes such things as:

We have linked above for more details on each of these different types of leak detection. Several of these can help with early water leak detection too!

Types of Leak Detection - Testing Based
Types of Leak Detection – Testing Based

3 – Water Leak Detection Testing

This is really an extension of the previous section and might include such things as Tracer Gas Leak Detection tools to ‘sniff’ for water leaks using tracer gas and the use of certain Water Meters leak detection methods for measuring flows of water from leaks, which can be very informative.

These, and other methods, help to pinpoint a water leak to a specific location (or locations if there are more than one which is not uncommon!) based on some of the information collated earlier from the two previous stages used in different types of leak detection. Narrowing down to specific locations and actually finding and accessing the water leak.

Interestingly, this is where the ‘access’ part of trace and access leak detection comes from.

For example – with our water meters, we can see how much water a leak is using, this can really add up as our water leak calculator shows. This also helps to understand what water damage implications there are for your property. The same goes for the tracer gas test meters, the higher the reading, generally the bigger the water leak.

We must stress again that this is a simple article to show some of the key stages, the process is more comprehensive than this and we have done a more detailed article on Trace and Access Stages.

We mention some of these methods in our article regarding Mr Muscle Drain Gel.

As well as being experts in leak detection, we are the UKs leading water damage restoration companies so as well as finding your water leak, we can help assess the damage caused and make recommendations for remedial actions that can be taken to help get your property back to normal.

So, if you need help with our different types of leak detection services, get in touch today. logo logo

How can leakage be detected?

There are many ways a leakage can be detected, using various types of leak detection. Professional leak detection companies such as ourselves use various methods, including – moisture meters, acoustic leak detection, thermal leak detection, water flow meters, tracer gas leak detection and more. Each has it’s own purpose and they can often compliment each other to maximise the chances of locating leakage.

What are the main types of leak detection used?

As professional leak detection experts, we utilise a wide range of specialist equipment all designed to maximise the opportunity of pinpointing your water leak. This includes – thermal imaging, acoustic listening, pipe tracing, moisture mapping, tracer gas, borescope inspection cameras and more. All this is supported by trained and experienced leak detection engineers.