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Local Plumber – Best to find Leak?

Local Plumber

Local Plumber Near Me

That phrase ‘Local Plumber Near Me’ is naturally one of the most common things people search for on google when they are looking for anything plumbing related, even water leaks. But is that the right thing to be looking for when you have a water leak at your property and require professional leak detection?

Of course people also want to use a local trusted company too. One who can solve the problem they have, on this occasion, we are looking at a water leak at your home or business.

We have talked previously about the fact that plumbing leak detection and plumbing fixtures are common sources of water leaks, so check that article out too for additional useful information.

Water Leak Pipes
Water Leak Detection Experts

Can a Local Plumber find my Water Leak?

The honest answer to this is ‘possibly’. If you have a really obvious water leak in a place you can see, and you are confident there are no other hidden leaks, then a regular local plumber that you can trust will do the job for you, or any other plumbing work you require.

However, as we have discussed before, on many occasions water leak causes are in hidden places around a property, such as:

As you can see, these are clearly trickier places to find a leak than something ‘standard’ like a leaking tap, leaking toilet, leak under the sink etc which would be commonly dealt with by local plumbers, or even confident DIYers in some instances. To help maximise the chances of finding a leak, use an advanced leak detection expert such as ourselves.

Water Leak Repair - Copper Pipe
Water Leak Repair – Copper Pipes

Many of those types of water leaks mentioned above require professional leak detection equipment in order to find leaks effectively, using different leak detection methods. That type of equipment is not standard for a local plumber on most occasions. In fact, we work closely with a lot of local plumbers and get regular referrals from them where they have been asked to find a leak, have been unable to and recommend our services.

If your local plumber says he thinks you might have a water leak, get in touch with us as it could help to prevent water leaks causing too much damage to your property.

We have talked previously about Trace and Access cover with your insurance company, we provide trace and access leak detection services to many of the UKs biggest insurance companies. But also, we get a lot of people who have been asked by their insurance company to source a local trace and access company or leak detection specialist, not a local plumber.

Local Plumber - Water Leak
Local Plumber – Water Leak

On the topic of plumbing and plumbing fixtures, we have a useful guide to isolation valves which can be very beneficial in a number of situations both during inspections, installation and prevention of water damage in certain situations.

Local Plumber vs Leak Detection Specialist

In our article on Leak Detection Specialists, we explained in detail about finding water leaks yourself, or by using a local plumber. But just as we said above, we explained how that on many occasions a leak detection specialist will be needed and have a higher likelihood of finding your water leak with all their knowledge, experience, training, systems and tools to find water leaks.

Some water leaks, especially hidden ones, cannot be found (especially in non-destructive ways) without the use of specialist equipment, which a local plumber may not have, such as:

Remember, we offer a free consolation service, so contact us to discuss your water leak and we will discuss what we can do to help for your specific situation. If you have a simple plumbing problem, certainly contact a local plumber but if you have a leak, we recommend a leak detection expert such as ourselves. There are other advantages of using our services too as highlighted next.

Regarding water testing, see our concise guide to Drinking Water Test vs Filter Water

Water Damage from Water Leaks

As well as offering leak detection, we are water damage restoration experts too, in fact Rainbow Restoration (formerly known as Rainbow International) are a trusted and experienced water damage management company locally.

But what difference does that make vs a local plumber?

Well, on top of helping you to find a water leak, we can expertly asses the damage to your property from the water. If needed, we also offer property drying services using our specialist drying equipment (including industrial desiccant dehumidifiers) to help get your property back to pre-incident conditions.

We are also experts in a number of other areas associated with water damage:

It is not very common for a local plumber to have that level of expertise, but we do. So if you have a problem with a plumbing leak, get in touch with our friendly team today. We may often get appointed by loss adjusting companies to help with water leak detection, they will likely know how we differ from local plumbers too, including the other aspects of our service we provide locally.

We discuss local plumbers in our article about Mr Muscle Drain Gel, where we talk about different methods to unblock clogged sinks, which is very interesting. Please also see our additional Water Leak Detection Tips

Water Leak Detection Service
Water Leak Detection Service

Can plumbing leaks fix themselves?

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It is unlikely that a plumbing leak will fix itself. Plus, even if water leaking from it slows or even stops, it will most likely be temporary. In fact, if anything, over time plumbing leaks will most likely worsen over time. This is especially the case if you include the water damage with that. Even a small water leak can cause a lot of damage. Never ignore a leak hoping it will fix itself, make sure you get it checked, even if it is a small repair needed.

How do I stop my plumbing from leaking?

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In order to stop your plumbing from leaking, you first need to find the plumbing leak. If it is a hidden plumbing leak you may need the help of a leak detection specialist such as ourselves. We can find leaks that a local plumber will unlikely be able to find. Professional leak detection requires specific equipment, skills and experience. Once you have found the plumbing leak at your home or business, then you can see what the best fix is.

Can you fix a leaky pipe without replacing the pipe?

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Whether or not you can fix a leaky pipe without replacing the pipework will depend on how bad the leak is, the type of material the pipe is made of and where it is located. There are a number of plumbing leak repair devices, sometimes used by local plumbers. Some of these are temporary plumbing leak fixes whereas others are longer-term solutions.